Saturday, August 29

old fashioned

the beautiful summer night that was my birthday a few weeks ago was filled with flowery dresses, smiles, sushi and sake down on Thompson. after that, alyssa, danielle, and i found a bar in the east village, right around the corner from my apartment, with plentiful fine offerings...including, but not limited to, a nice drink deal that involved PBR and tequila shots, it was close by on Ave B, AND it had an old fashioned photo booth. after a few rounds, we hit up the booth and the following ensued...

to summarize, alyssa fell out of of the booth during the second photo session, which explains the lack of her, the surplus of danielle, and the increase of concern on my face. in the third session, notice the 3rd picture down, where the wooden heel of alyssa's adorable vena cava shoe is being held triumphantly in my hand. and the fourth picture, to prove all is well, smiles abound.

what a night. thank you to A and D for making my birthday special!