Sunday, September 13

picture this

washing my hair tends to go on the back burner when i have as much work as i do.
also, been reading a lot of Hemingway lately, particularly his short stories, and loving every second. he is my favorite writer, and that is a coveted position.
and aside from jason schwartzman, the only other man i want to marry is joseph gordon levitt. 

i wish there were a few more hours in the day.


  1. hey darling
    love you blog, and thank you so mcuh for the comment on my post :) a cookbook would be so fun! i ahve had the thought, maybe down the road, an oatmeal/breakfast book? :)

    i have always wanted to read some of love love short stories, so ill check out some books asap from the library although i owe a shit load in fines there :P

    lots of love

  2. yes yes do read him you will love him!
    and i would so invest in the first ever oatmeal/breakfast book when you make it! haha