Friday, February 5

things i love

i always love portraits of pablo picasso

and (since i'm late to the game when it comes to pretty much everything) i've just discovered etsy.

i hope my first-ever etsy orders get safely to my house. they're so pretty. and they look fragile. ahh im nervous.

my passion for film has been occupying everything i do lately, especially stop motion and other animated films.

here is one i'm enthralled by - "Going West" by Maurice Gee for the NZ Book Council:

and here is a stop motion that i love - "Western Spaghetti" by PES:

i'm too lazy right now to get the picture off my phone and on to the computer, but my mom sent me a bunch of pictures this morning of all the snow we got at home - 18 inches and still snowing! it was so pretty.

i can't wait for valentines day weekend because my mama will be here! the only valentine i neeeeeed<3

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