Thursday, February 11


though i like a lot of their clothes, i think American Apparel ads are ridiculous.
just saying.

ok now that that's out there...

 i'm not big into fashion, but i was extremely shocked and saddened to hear about the death of Alexander McQueen today. i get so emotional when i hear of amazing young talents who took their life (for example - DJ AM - i was never even a follower of his work, but i was heartbroken to hear that he died, especially the way that he did). i spend days reading articles, blogs, websites, news clippings, friend's words - anything to uncover more about a person's life whom i've never known personally and never will know.

which gets me thinking, what if i do achieve my dreams of becoming a well-known, and more importantly well-respected, artist/writer/philanthropist/astronomer/cowboy/talent/whatever, and what if i die - and only then people who i've never known and never will know discover who i am? i'm not saying it's a bad thing, i'm not really saying's just weird to think about. i think. i don't know.

sometimes i don't say enough and sometimes i talk too much.

Rest in peace, Lee Alexander McQueen.

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