Saturday, March 13

boats, birds, thunderstorms

does anyone else follow HeyKelsey on youtube? she does amazing covers (and has some pretty good originals too - this one is great). "boats and birds", originally by gregory and the hawk, is the first cover of hers that i heard/watched, sometime last year, and i've been a fan ever since. so here is HeyKelsey's "boats and birds" cover, my favorite. (and below is the original by gregory and the hawk, another fave)

in other news,
its only been raining for two days but it feels like it's been a week. the good news tho: i finally just heard thunder. i was thinking earlier how i haven't heard or seen a thunderstorm in what feels like a year (it's probably only been since last summer though). hopefully it keeps going. i love thunderstorms, and even though i can't see it (since my apartment is ill-equipped for allowing us to see any form of the world other than neighboring dirty stucco walls and the little area out back where all the garbage goes), at least i can hear it.

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  1. oh she's very pretty and she have a sensual voice! I love the places and the atmosphere where she sing too ! Her page is on my favs now ;)