Tuesday, March 2


i've made a happy list, a list of 10 11 things that make me terribly happy (inspired by the great taza)
i don't know why i didn't do this sooner. it made me terribly happy.

1. warm sun on my skin like a blanket
2. kitchens filled with sunlight and fresh fruit and jars of anything colorful
3. when my brother makes me laugh
4. when i make my mom laugh
5. the sounds that tell you spring is coming
6. cottages, cabins, lake houses, mountain houses, beach houses; home-y escapes
7. old photographs
8. a full eight hours of sleep
9. eating fruit and cheese
10. gentleman, and when they unexpectedly prove me wrong, that in fact, chivalry is not dead
11. coffee in the morning that i made just right, and having time to sip it slowly

(butttt the thing i'm probably MOST happy about right now? the steak i got at whole foods today to make myself for dinner tonight. and the A1 in the pantry. and the thought of coffee tomorrow morning. and the thought of spring break in two weeks. and.)

*EDIT 3/3 9:30 pm:
so i woke up late this morning from a very interrupted non-eight hours sleep and had to rush to make my coffee and sip it on the walk to school in the snow and rain and wind. but i made it just right, and my steak last night was delicious, and so was the A1 i smothered it in. and spring break is only a week and a half away. and i am happy :)

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  1. I think that make me terribly happy is when i dream that I wake up and the first thing that I see, it's my pretty love.

    I hope that this dream will becomes reality..

    nice post!