Sunday, March 7

jost van dyke

We like to watch the day, watch it fall
beneath the sea, some call it dusk
We like the black olive night, and the island
we can’t see, but know is there
like a magician, with his salt water cape
and sand dune bow-tie
We like to stare wide-eyed
at the middle, into the guts of the hat
before the white rabbit peeks out
We like the shock, every time
when he finally does
And we like the single line of small lamp lights
how they appear every night, like a Cheshire Cat smile
across the island
the only light we'll see until sunup
We like to call it the String of Pearls


  1. another text of you ?

  2. yes, my picture too.

    the name of the island is Jost van Dyke, it's in the british virgin islands,

    and I wrote the poem about that island.

  3. so congratulations. really.

    I write too, not poems but songs. The same things, definitely. I tried to write in english, but i think that my songs are better in french. maybe you already read them ?

    I like your poems very much, i hope that i will read others!

    have a good night (midnight in france)