Thursday, March 11

please please please let me let me let me let me get what i want this time

remember this post a few weeks ago when i whined about all the things i wanted? well i turned it into a catalogue poem for a poetry class assignment. hehe. see? proof that whining works. 


carpenter hands

i want coffee on an old wooden table in the morning sunlight, 
wrapped in a blanket as i wait for the sun to warm the world
i want leafy weeping trees green and yellow and good for
i want air and steps and large windows that face the east and 
windows that face the west because you can't make me choose 
between the two
i want chipped and weathered paint and a hammock under my 
weeping trees
i want a lake or an ocean and a wooden boat whose name i have a 
say in and at dusk i want to sink into an adirondack chair on
my porch that wraps all the way around
but before that,
i want to meet you in a foreign land and have trouble pronouncing your
i want to sing come on baby light my fire with you in a dark damp
bar beneath the world
i want to be your galway girl and i want you to sing me songs
because it reminds me of how we met
i want to go away and come back just to have you meet me at the gate
i want fresh picked wild flowers when you're happy and titanic hugs
     when you're sad, and
i want kisses just because
i want your stories and your tears and your carpenter hands and
the way you make me laugh
i want your breath to mix with my shower steam and fill my lungs
i want a love story that makes our favorite movie look like a
Sunday comic, and 
i want only us to know because any one else just wouldn't get it, 
how our fingertips touch and we burst into flames
but most of all,
i want coffee in the morning on an old wooden table, 
and your limbs, hot with love
wrapped around my frame

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