Thursday, April 29

fountain wishing

an ekphrastic (i'm about 90% sure i spelled that wrong) poem is one that is written about a piece of art. i went to the MOMA last week to see the William Kentridge exhibit. i was inspired by many of his pieces and wrote about this one... (which didn't really have a name, it was from a series)

Fountain Wishing

Let this fishless pond be the last
I swim. Let the charcoal dust
of these walls house me well.

Let my leathered skin turn to stone
or marble, like the great statues
above penny seas.

Let this suit, heavy as a tortoise shell
be lifted, or allowed to sink to the
dirt of this forever pond

and let my marble skin breathe
the dusty air that my flooded lungs
will miss.

Let me stay an eternal fountain
rather than just another
wishing well.

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