Friday, April 16


this is one of my all time favorite images. i found it on the found magazine website like two years ago and i've saved it ever since. for a while it was the background on my desktop. i love to imagine who robert and judy are and what their idea could have been and if it worked out.

i was just on the website today and found this gem: 

click here to see this entry on the site - sometimes the backstories make the found-image ten times more hilarious/interesting/wonderful.

i switched to the BA/BFA program at my university, so now I'm earning a degree in illustration and a degree in creative writing. i'm feel so lucky - i can't imagine doing anything else with my life that isn't related to drawing and writing


  1. You should draw a picture of Judy and Robert, I'm curious to see what you think they look like.

  2. that's a really good idea i think i will :)