Wednesday, May 5

positive thinking and popcorn

do you believe everything happens for a reason???

so do i.
and that's why i'm not freaking out that we didn't get the most amazing apartment ever that we applied for. oh, sneaky landlords and their secret rules. 
i really believe that we just weren't meant to have it, and that an even better one is going to show up, with our names on it.
now i feel like i have some wisdom to share for anyone who is apartment hunting, especially in bloodthirsty nyc:
 anytime a real estate agent/broker type person tells you something  along the lines of
you're not going to find what you're looking for in that price range, or
lowest price you're going to find in that area, this opportunity won't last! or
you're gonna have to pay a fee no matter what because of the market...
don't listen to them 

in related news, a few weeks ago i had an assignment to illustrate a poem about nyc, so i wrote a haiku inspired by my current apartment.

through tenement walls
i know the sorrow and joy
of perfect strangers

pen, watercolor, acrylic 

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