Thursday, June 17

"Eve's Side"

There had been a stubborn molar, wiggling 
like mad, dancing in circles for days on the left side
of my mouth. It kept my tongue occupied
when Adam wasn't around.

I thought nothing of it, at first
but it became looser, and more jagged.
I wondered what was beneath my wayward tooth,
expelling it from its smooth gumdrop walls.

My tongue felt around, finding beneath it
a hollow pit that tasted sweet like mango.
I told Adam but he just kissed me and
said "I could go for a mango."

When that snake first wound his thin body
around my ankles, I laughed
because his scales tickled my skin.
I mentioned my trouble and he prescribed

a simple cure – a few bites of a juicy apple
and that tooth would be a nuisance
no longer. How could I have said no
to such a kind offer? Is that Christian?

That's all it was, mere seconds of friendly banter
and a few satisfying bites of the sweetest
fruit I had ever tasted in that perfect garden.
Then the sky split open

and God came rushing down
on ribbons of fire and cloud, thrashing His arms and
crying. Each tear fell like dripping wax on my
sinning skin. I still have the marks.

He chastised and punished me and
used phrases like "labor pains" and 
"aware that you're naked." I was distracted
at the site of my molar laying in the grass.

Sunday, June 13


i love the photography of brian ferry

by the way, this is what new york looks like right now, gray and rainy. 

but warm and summery, too.

Thursday, June 10


woah woah
what a nice surprise to wake up to :) naomi over at the rockstar diaries put the illustration i made of her family up on her blog. i'm very happy she likes it, and from the sweet comments, that others do too! 

pen, digital

Wednesday, June 9

a place to miss

Gutter Rats
(a pantoum)

First it was the gutter rats making love in the trash cans
outside Matilda's Kitchen, the restaurant down below.
They let out their cries of heinous happiness
in some foreign jargon I'll never know.

Inside Matilda's Kitchen, the restaurant down below,
the dishwashers cursed the rats and their lovemaking
in some foreign jargon I'll never know,
but all they said to me was "don't you sleep."

The dishwashers cursed the rats and their lovemaking
or rather lack thereof, unlike the tenant above
who only said to me "don't you sleep."
He said this through floorboards and bedsprings.

There were others, rather like the tenant above,
but with a softer drumroll from their little feet,
who said this, "through floorboards and bedsprings
we mice crawl, and the roaches creep."

With that soft drumroll from their little feet
I couldn't sleep, knowing
the mice crawl and the roaches creep
throughout these tenement walls.

I couldn't sleep knowing
the gutter rats were making love in the trash cans.
About these tenement walls
they let out cries of heinous happiness.

^moving out of this apt this weekend. i'm going to miss the restaurant workers talking and singing at night. i'm so used to it now, it's like a lullaby

things that i didn't expect to make me so happy but do:
-going for runs at night along the river
-having a job, and working with really great company
-having a home somewhere other than the city, a place to miss, somewhere to "go home" to
-making art for other people, not for money or notoriety, but to make them happy
-i could go on forever

i'll never love

another book again. i think i'll never love another book more, at least.

i'm talking about extremely loud & incredibly close by jonathan safran foer

Tuesday, June 1

i think

that it's never too late to be who you "would have been in another life"