Wednesday, July 28

yum zen ahhh

i don't know if i've told you this but i'm obsessed with breakfast.

it's my favorite meal. it is my favorite time of the day. it is what i look forward to when i go to sleep. it's so peaceful, no matter how crazy my day becomes. i like knowing i at least had breakfast to enjoy.

aaaand that's why i'm obsessed with the blog simply breakfast

^ what i have every morning, plus ketchup, minus ice
on lightly toasted trader joe's quinoa bread

and i love her funky mug!

all images via simply breakfast

Tuesday, July 27

in hiding

don't you wish you really could jump in to your favorite book
and just sail away
in the paper waves

image unkown

Sunday, July 25

city livin

so i'm ready to unveil what's been taking up all my time over the past month and a half. drum roll please......
and after
aaand the wall mural i've been working on
ahhhh take it all in. crazy stuff, i know. i'm so happy to have a place so spacious and cozy. feels like home, even when home is far away. and the mural is slooowly coming along. not quite what i want, but it's getting there. and it's a huge step up from the ugly brown cardboard backing of those bookshelves!
(side note  - got that coffee table for $13 at housing works on 17th st!)
my summer has been crazy busy and it's going by so fast, but it's been really good. hopefully next weekend i can hit the beach for a day and get a little color, cuz i feel like a walking ghost. aaand i could just really go for a nap on the beach right about now.
so hot outside. need to grocery shopping. but see those couches in the picture? right now i'm laying on the one by the (real) window, on top of the colorful blanket knit for me by my aunt. and oh mannnnnn i am too comfy to get up

Friday, July 23

large wall

colors for a large wall, ellsworth kelly, 1951

ps. i  am working on a wall mural in my apartment right now. hoping to be done very soon. ill post pics. if you dont like it, please dont tell me cuz its taking blood sweat and tears.
kind of.

Thursday, July 22


this song and video is a few years old, but i just re-discovered it again. felt like i was seeing it for the first time, just as powerful

sia - soon we'll be found

Friday, July 16

kind of night

i need a "cold beer, hot night" kind of night. with the smell of grass and fresh air instead of pissed-on sidewalks and car fumes. with the sound of crickets and owls and my best friends' laughs to replace fast horns and drunken heels and bar brawls. i need a half-broken chair on a big wooden porch, and maybe some fireflies to light my way to bed.

cliff edge

photo: from the series cliff edge by brian ferry

when i like something i want all of it in my brain at once.
possibly unrelated, 
i just sat for 5 minutes, staring at this picture



my mom called me earlier tonight just to tell me how red and beautiful the sun was and told me to get to a window so i wouldn't miss it. and when i missed it, she explained what it looked like

last summer, garden state parkway

two summers ago in philly, tailgating before the jack johnson concert

i can't be sure but think that's what love is

Saturday, July 10

wise words

freshman year of high school i had english first period. for the first ten minutes of class, we'd write in our "journal" anything we wanted. we are moving and i am home for the weekend, cleaning out and packing up my room, and i found the journal and started reading through it. half of the entries are me exclaiming how scared i am for my bio tests, how hard bio is, and how much i hate waiting in the cold at the bus stop. then i got to one that was a little different.

"Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly. -Langston Hughes. We are having a wierd conversation about sauce and gravy right now, but i'm lost."
(december 16, 2003)

Thursday, July 8


one day
i'll be free from my own mind
but until then
i sit
and i think
and i listen to music and let it put thoughts in me and feelings through me and extra beats in my pulse
a ripple in my bloodstream