Sunday, July 25

city livin

so i'm ready to unveil what's been taking up all my time over the past month and a half. drum roll please......
and after
aaand the wall mural i've been working on
ahhhh take it all in. crazy stuff, i know. i'm so happy to have a place so spacious and cozy. feels like home, even when home is far away. and the mural is slooowly coming along. not quite what i want, but it's getting there. and it's a huge step up from the ugly brown cardboard backing of those bookshelves!
(side note  - got that coffee table for $13 at housing works on 17th st!)
my summer has been crazy busy and it's going by so fast, but it's been really good. hopefully next weekend i can hit the beach for a day and get a little color, cuz i feel like a walking ghost. aaand i could just really go for a nap on the beach right about now.
so hot outside. need to grocery shopping. but see those couches in the picture? right now i'm laying on the one by the (real) window, on top of the colorful blanket knit for me by my aunt. and oh mannnnnn i am too comfy to get up


  1. omg. jealous. so jealous!! i want to visiiiit! ♥
    your place looks amazing!!
    and that mural!! ahhh!! love how it's coming along!! works so well with the wood texture and it's so warm and cozzyyy! :-)

  2. God! so beautiful! And your mural is wonderful!
    Can i have a invitation for visiting ?