Saturday, August 28

peach plum pear

it took me a second to get into this, but when i did i was enthralled.

We speak in the store
I'm a sensitive bore
You seem markedly more
And I'm oozing surprise

But it's late in the day
And you're well on your way
What was golden went gray
And I'm suddenly shy

And the gatherin' floozies
Afford to be choosy
And all sneezing darkly
In the dimming divide

And I have read the right books
To interpret your looks
You were knocking me down
With the palm of your eye

This was unlike the story
It was written to be
I was riding its back
When it used to ride me

And we were galloping manic
To the mouth of the source
We were swallowing panic
In the face of its force

And I am blue
I am blue and unwell
Made me bolt like a horse

Now it's done
Watch it go
You've changed some
water runs from the snow

Am I so dear?
Do I run rare?
And you've changed some
Peach, plum, pear...
Peach, plum... 

"peach, plum, pear" by joanna newsom

sometimes i like

not knowing the language.

i would love to, and someday i will, know at least 2 more languages. but until then, i cherish your body language and facial expressions.  without them, i wouldn't know what you're trying to say when i don't know what you're saying.

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Wednesday, August 25

i was a sailor in another life

or a surfer, 

or i was a fisherman.

i didn't get sea sick

i didn't get sun burnt

i had salt in my lungs, salt in my hair

sand in my body nooks, under my nails

everything was tinted gold and watery around the edges.

i swear i was a part of the sea

Tuesday, August 3

everyday is christmas

finally finished the christmas present for my mom that i started 8 months ago. i procrastinate way too much. and now it is down to the wire - trying to get all these backed up projects done by aug 16th, when my job kicks in to high gear (meaning school orientation starts - i am a Student Orientation Coordinator, i help run it!) i will be super busy then until school starts aug 30. why do i do this to myselffff?!
[acrylic on gesso board, about 9"x12", click to enlarge]
this is the final version (with christmas tree in the window)
but i liked the other pic b/c of the brick in the background