Friday, September 10

the cruelty of elevators

You want to be alone? Listen, 
that's not how you do it. Turn the damn lights on. 
If it's aloneness you want, go down the street. 
Pass the library and all the alleyways,
pass the empty subway entrance. Go into
the corner building, the one with
all the students. You know? The one with the
revolving doors, the constant crowd of people
streaming in and out?  Go in that door, be careful. 
Walk to the elevator and stand in line. 
Wait your turn, be patient. When your time comes,
they'll cram in like cattle, so that's what you gotta do. 
That tall young gentleman behind you 
with the broad-shoulders? 
Yes he'll fit, just maneuver. And that young woman
behind him, with the thick pad of art paper
and the heavy tin of paints, of course she's in. 
Comfortable? Not quite? Good. Then, politely,
and with a smile, ask someone to wiggle a finger
and hit the button for the top floor. Get ready
for the loneliest ride of your life.