Monday, November 1

numero uno

i was REALLY excited to do this piece because it was my first commission piece that was not for immediate friends or family. i am ecstatic that the client (ah listen to me, so profesh!) is very happy with it :)

some work-in-progress photos, followed by the finished piece at the bottom:

rough sketch

rough sketch w digital color

9"x14" acrylic on illustration board, sealed w/ matte medium

after re-reading, i think i should resolve to be a little less giddy-12-year-old-gets-asked-to-the-dance-by-8th-grade-hottie-and-whole-life-is-changed when telling you about my commissions.......but i think i'll let it slide this once 


  1. This is seriously amazing. I love it so much. And there should be 100+ comments on this post!!

  2. aaah you are too nice! thank you so much :)