Wednesday, December 29

Monday, December 27

almost done

latest commission...been working on this through christmas. just a little more to go

Thursday, December 23

merry christmas eve eve

AAAHHHH my mom made fudge and i can't stop eating it! not that i'm complaining.

so i've been posting inspiration more on my tumblr these days and keeping this blog more for personal schoolwork/life updates, and i think i'll probably keep going that way...but i promise to update more often, and be less boring :)

as soon as the semester finished, i had to make a flyer for my office (i'm the new graphic designer! woo!!) and now i'm working on a painting for someone that they'll be giving as a xmas gift, so i'm on a tight timeline.

in case you didnt know, CHRISTMAS EVE IS TOMORROW!! :) :)

when doing my xmas shopping yesterday, i got myself 2 early xmas gifts in the form of new shoes...and i'm obsessed with themmmm

we just moved over the summer, and i've been away at school, so i haven't had a chance to unpack and really decorate my room at home or anything, so i put up xmas lights in my room to get it more festive

missing new york already, but i got my giant skyline pic over my desk :)

when my mom came to pick me up in new york and take me home for break, she stayed the night and we went to dinner and to radio city music hall to see the rockettes!

i think that's all for now. i have to get back to this painting...i'll post pics when i finish, as well as other recent work!

happy holidaysss!!!!

the galaxy

i made an animation inspired by this haiku by Kobayashi Issa,

A lovely thing to see:
through the paper window's hole,
the Galaxy.
unfinished, the end is just a placeholder an will be edited.

Wednesday, December 15

to da window, to da wall

in august, i was a Student Orientation Coordinator and i, along with the other 2 SOCs, got to plan and execute an art project that the entire incoming freshman class could be involved in during orientation weekend. our idea was to have each student write or draw on an index card their expectations or personal goals for themselves in the next 4 years. then we collected them all and velcroed each card to a huge 30'x10’ canvas that we painted to look like a silohuette of the nyc skyline. above it read “windows of opportunity”, and it hung on a wall in the theresa lang center.
i freehand-drew the skyline and freehanded and painted the “windows of opportunity class of 2014” type