Wednesday, December 15

to da window, to da wall

in august, i was a Student Orientation Coordinator and i, along with the other 2 SOCs, got to plan and execute an art project that the entire incoming freshman class could be involved in during orientation weekend. our idea was to have each student write or draw on an index card their expectations or personal goals for themselves in the next 4 years. then we collected them all and velcroed each card to a huge 30'x10’ canvas that we painted to look like a silohuette of the nyc skyline. above it read “windows of opportunity”, and it hung on a wall in the theresa lang center.
i freehand-drew the skyline and freehanded and painted the “windows of opportunity class of 2014” type 


  1. ahh brilliant!
    & I refuse to believe that it was all freehanded!!!! YOU'RE TOO AMAZINNNNNGG!!

  2. hahaha i was impressed that i pulled it off! thanks masukoooo :):):)