Monday, February 28

i'm just tryna get by

in january i posted the album artwork i did for my friend's mixtape – well i'm excited to announce that the mixtape dropped monday.

check it out – free to download

created an Ivy League logo for him as well 

so i've been busy but for good reason. happy to be able to help a friend out. now lemme get back to this paper–which is pathetic at the moment–that is due tomorrow. while i suffer, you can check out greg's video for one of my favorite songs off the mixtape, "Get By", directed by Dan Centrone

Sunday, February 27

black lace bra, part duex

a while ago i posted this poem by Sandra Cisneros called Black Lace Bra Kind of Woman - it is one of my favorites.

soooooooooo i drew it

sketchbook - acrylic, ink, pen

Friday, February 25

bottom lip words

last week i posted that poem with the terribly unexciting title. here it is again, in my sketchbook, slightly edited. what? idk why? idk

c o n v e r s a y s h u n

Monday, February 21

when do i turn into a butterfly

this is how this started out...
we had to illustrate the quote "you are born, you suffer, and then you die." (how fun) i have a fatal disease where i interpret everything extremely literally.........and end up hating it (thus: fatal disease; death of art, death of my art, death of me....wah waaah wah)

after scanning some random painted sketchbook pages and messing in photoshop, i think i'm happy enough with this that i can move on to one of my 18 other projects due for tomorrow..

i mean, i know i didn't have to make a new blog header today and i could have done my homework instead...butttt it was bothering me...and it was on my "to do" list...aaand it didn't take thaaat long..andddd....#procrastination

oh speaking of hashtags, i changed my twitter name to @gibberooni because i was up until 5:30am working on a logo for a friend, and somewhere in the delirious space between 3 and 5am i thought "gibberooni" was extremely hilarious

Thursday, February 17

pictures don't do sunsets justice

but this is close.
california in january–

My Words

(this title sucks, i know, don't tell me)
(i'll fix it later)

My Words

My words are
the zipper
on my tight jeans,
my hair blown
back–my heels
on saturday night

They stay
lost in a bed blanket
some days–
and whet 
your bone dry dreams
when they want

My bottom lip words 
drip sooth-your-throat nectar
and they'll knock
your whiskey sour

My words are
the way I lie
sunburnt in the sand
and the way I

finally, its spring-ish

new sketchbook diddys
more on the way
stay tuned little birds
spring. is. so. close.

Monday, February 7

of note

name change:
 dont ask i dont feel like explaininginwords.

Saturday, February 5


There is a pleasure, sure, in being mad, which none but madmen know. John Dryden

Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the the universe. Albert Einstein

Thursday, February 3

the cover art

for Fleet Foxes "Helplessness Blues" album is great (listen here)
"If I know only one thing

It's that every thing that I see
Of the world outside is so inconceivable
Often I barely can speak"