Monday, March 7


i did this for a fire-themed assignment. i was trying to stay away from the literal sense of
fire, since i'm always so literal and i hate it. I told myself no red, orange, or yellow,
no obvious flames, etc. so,
with gum wrappers, white and gold acrylic paint, and micron pen
i made this, "The Sun Over Egypt"
which i meant to be a fun, witty piece that 
was simple but clever and still captured the assignment
in an interesting way.


literally. everyone thought i half assed the assignment
when i actually gave it a lot of thought and multiple drafts. 

i. hate. trying. 

how come marc johns can do it so effortlessly?
tonight i found this piece  by him  (below) and just started laughing. 
where did everyone's imagination go? and why is it not 
okay for me to use mine?

so anyway, that's enough self loathing for one night.

i leave you with the below picture, from the almighty Pretty in Pink.
my sentiments exactly...

that said,
screw that class. i'm sleeping in tomorrow 


  1. I think it's brilliant. successful people are such because they didn't listen to others. enjoy sleeping in and keep sticking it to them :)

  2. thanks so much, you're completely right :) :) and sleeping was so worth it haha