Monday, March 14

before & afters

while drawings tend to look more finished and crisp when colored, there is something about the original black and white pen sketch that i love--its kind of fresh and raw

1. sketchbook drawing, colored digitally (see it in action at
2. sketchbook drawing, colored digitally (thinking of making this into a print!)
3. school assignment - illustrate our version of the "land of cockaigne" - which is basically a land of cooky things. i wanted my land to include fun hats for everyone, and obviously if i'm creating my own land, it will be sunset allthetime

right now its my spring break, although you wouldn't guess it by looking at my life because i've been working nonstop. and if one more person tells me i work too much they're getting punched.

i finally have a chance to get caught up in school work and personal projects, so i'm happy for that. alllll i gotta say is i better see a beach this summer

by the way, i hope everyone is still keeping Japan in their prayers <3 all my love and positive thoughts!

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