Wednesday, March 2


flying over the rockies was one of my favorite life moments

Window Seat
The sky sweats in vibrant beads–golden violet beads!
What a beautiful bruised sky! 
Below, miles and hours of peaks–
Rocky Mountain limbs
shared among states–a hand in Idaho, a stomach
in Montana, white Wyoming thighs, 
toes and ankles buried in New Mexico.
I caress the calves first–
over Colorado.
The sun spreads its thousand arms
over snow-dipped organs, fire-edged fingertips.
Heavy sighs from pine trees
send snow-drift arteries, 
like dripped paint, across
pale mountain skin.
Virgin peaks and valleys
go untouched–the animals
are all asleep in the silent
widow peaks of the Rockies–
the other half of the world in flames!

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