Wednesday, March 9


right now is such a weird moment (never once have i ever typed "weird" correctly on the first try ((not even just now with the quotation marks)) so if you and me are playing "never have i ever" you know how to get me. you're welcome)

but this moment is odd because everything is right but a little off. i'm eating my favorite snack, chips and salsa and guacamole, but my salsa is expired and tastes funky and my guac is kind of brown. i'm drinking wine and its making me happy, but so sleepy and heavy too. and tonight while i was out, i had a thought and wrote it down in my little notebook and drew a little picture. hours after i got home, i opened the book and looked at my note and saw a squished bug on the page. i had noticed the mark when i wrote my note but it was dark so i just thought it was ink or something. but no, its a bug, squished in its prime, without me even realizing it. 

how weieieieird

this city isn't mine
the sketchbook wasn't his
we all get squish'd

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