Tuesday, April 5

nooz nuse newz


remember way back when i posted a poem titled "gutter rats"? well it is going to be published in the June 2011 issue of Spillway magazine! aaaaahh too cool. 

and, in cherry-on-top-of-the-cake news, remember the post with my piece called "the sun over egypt" that no one liked? well it ended up being among the 20 pieces of artwork selected by my school to be included in the 2011 Bologna Book Fair exhibit in Bologna, Italy! life is funny, and also too cool.

so that was some of the good news i've received in the past couple weeks and thought i'd share with you blogheads. school is a deep dark river that i'm semi-drowning in, but what else is new. i'm still looking for a summer internship, working on getting my etsy shop up and running, and working on personal work to add to my portfolio. and doodling like a mad woman in class. it's like reflexive (did i use that right?), my pen just moves. the more the teacher talks....the more i need to draw triangles.

OH MY GOD I FORGOT TO MENTION THAT I SAW THE LION KING ON BROADWAY THIS PAST FRIDAY –YES THIS NEEDS TO BE IN ALL CAPS–YES I'M YELLING AT YOU–BUT IN EXCITEMENT NOT IN ANGER–ANYWAY..... –IT. WAS. SO. GOOD. caps and extra punctuation don't do it justice. who's job is it to create the art/costumes/visuals that end up in such a visually stunning production? because i want to meet them right now (and possibly become their protege). the first 5 minutes alone left me teary-eyed and breathless and half way out of my seat going "do you see that?! do you see that?!!" to everyone around me, who probably, in fact, did see that.

such a great experience. i love broadway. i used to want to be a set designer. not that i don't anymore...that would actually be a really awesome and enjoyable project in the future.

i don't know how to segue (i desperately want to write "segway" here but i'm 87% positive it's spelled "segue") into this next not-very-significant point soooo: netflix sent me "Lars and The Real Girl" and i've been shuffling it from shelf to shelf to floor to table and back to shelf for a good two months, until this weekend when i finally took a break to watch it. i really liked it! i love movies that are simultaneously (and successfully) funny and clever, while still being about meaningful topics, especially ones that have to do with the intricacies of family and/or different types of people and their personality "disorders" (but i really just mean "differences," or "quirks" even). ie. little miss sunshine, lost in translation, eternal sunshine, amelie, etc.

coming next: The Royal Tenenbaums which i can't believe i've never seen the whole way through and i'm really excited to finally get to do so. i promise not to let it sit around for two months.

ummm this is the most i've written in a while so if anyone has made it this far, bravo. i love you. on a final note, i've been posting a ton of inspiration to my tumblr so check that out if interested. 

here's a little preview of recent work from my sketchbook to leave you with. goodnight! & sweet$weet dreamZzZZzzz

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