Thursday, April 28

rainy day dreamin summer is soon i feel it i do

i put my blinders on today so that i'd walk past h&m and right to the prints store...success. however, my prints are a bit of a fail. i figured not every one of them would come out perfectly–which is why i labelled this batch "test prints"–but the finish i got on each one was "metallic" because some one commented to me that it was a good one. turns out it doesn't work too nicely with my images. oh well. on to the next batch.

i'm realllly excited for this summer so that i can have time to make things other than 2d drawings. i loved my 3d class freshman year and really want to get into that again, and find ways to incorporate my illustrations. the above images two of the projects i made in my 3d classes [left: skirt made with (fake)leather, plexiglass, aluminum duct, aluminum rod, plastic, fabric, buttons, and flowers] [right: flowers and a vase made with plaster, wood, sheet metal, rivets, and plexiglass]

in high school i painted a couple of chairs and birdhouses and jewelry boxes (all of which are now decorating my mom's house) it was a lot of fun to do, and i love loveee painting on wood and other objects, so i think i'll definitely start that up again in the summer. then hopefully sell them in the shop!

so much time and so few ideas! strike that, reverse it.

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