Saturday, May 14

creepy finals

below is my final project for my concepts class. we had to take the stories of Hansel and Gretel and Puss in Boots and make two versions of one scene in both stories–one that was more horrific or dark, and one that was more happy or lighthearted.

the simplifier in my brain titled them "creepy" and "not creepy", but really they're all pretty creepy

puss in boots sketch 
(i actually turned this in as my final "creepy" version because i liked it better than the abomination below)

attempted final creepy version of puss in boots

i think this one's my fave. lighthearted version of puss in boots

my computer is being downright mean to me this morning and refusing to rotate this image, i apologize in advance for your neck cramp
but this is the hansel & gretel sketch

intended creepy version. i wanted the composition and use of color to be what made it creepy, so i used colors and expressions to achieve that. i'd say 60% success, 40% wtf

not creepy version (yet, like i said, still kinda creepy)

finals are juussstt about over. i have a 10 page paper to finish today and then my summer begins. while i'm VERY grateful to have 2 internships, a job, and a summer class to keep busy with, i'm desperately hoping to still have a summer.

Wednesday, May 11

love you so

i can't believe i've only just found we love you so, a blog by spike jonze that he used to keep, posting a bit of everything–from behind-the scenes, tons of dif artists, musicians, maurice sendak interviews, much more–that inspired, influenced, or otherwise was involved in the making of his film Where the Wild Things Are, one of my top 3 all-time favorite films.

it seems he hasn't posted anything since june 2010 but all the archive is still there, and hugely inspiring and interesting. another one of those sites that i could easily spend a whole day sifting through without realizing that 10 hours have passed.

this post is a good place to start. it links to some of spike's personal highlights

and below is a short clip of maurice sendak speaking about fantasy. its great.


Maurice Sendak on the Origins of Serious Fantasy from We Love You So on Vimeo.

i feel like i found a treasure box

Thursday, May 5

craft jam!

last saturday one of my teachers, noel, held a craft jam for another one of my teachers, nathan, who is sick. we made a bunch of awesome stuff to sell and the proceeds will go to nathan and his family. below are some photos of the stuff i made. (i wish i had thought to take photos of the things other kids made, there were some really cool dolls, pins, and coloring books!)

my turtle tryptic buttons!

squirrel, drawn with ink on wood. (my teacher is going to make an awesome 3d acorn that will hang from the clothes pin!)

tiny turtle tote

drawing on a manila envelope that will get mailed to nathan, and hopefully bring some smiles to the bond family, who are still and always in my thoughts and prayers

mustaches, ideas

me and sam at the creative interns meet up last week!