Wednesday, May 11

love you so

i can't believe i've only just found we love you so, a blog by spike jonze that he used to keep, posting a bit of everything–from behind-the scenes, tons of dif artists, musicians, maurice sendak interviews, much more–that inspired, influenced, or otherwise was involved in the making of his film Where the Wild Things Are, one of my top 3 all-time favorite films.

it seems he hasn't posted anything since june 2010 but all the archive is still there, and hugely inspiring and interesting. another one of those sites that i could easily spend a whole day sifting through without realizing that 10 hours have passed.

this post is a good place to start. it links to some of spike's personal highlights

and below is a short clip of maurice sendak speaking about fantasy. its great.


Maurice Sendak on the Origins of Serious Fantasy from We Love You So on Vimeo.

i feel like i found a treasure box

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