Wednesday, June 29

mia nolting

i love mia nolting's work, and the "but is it finished?" look it has

all images via

Monday, June 27

haunting and beautiful

like good art and love should be.

i used to be a ridiculous and utterly hopeless romantic. unfortunately new york has made me jaded and cynical. but i still appreciate a forever love when i see it. one of my favorite musicians is johnny cash. i think his cover of NIN's "hurt" is one of the best things to exist ever. 

Friday, June 24


i'm sick in the summer–because the universe is a bitch that way sometimes–so i'm entertaining myself by making [halt: note that i originally typed "my baking" instead of "by making" = my adult onset dyslexia (just made that up now) is getting more and more real and no one believes meeee!!] fake polaroids via poladroid

if art fails me i'm convinced i'll be okay because i make amazing sandwiches
and surely someone will pay me to make them a sandwich. right?

my stunning and talented photographer friend jess sokolowski in front of her senior thesis work at the parsons bfa photo show in may

my dog, auditioning for bay watch

final note: i know i know i'm probably super late to the game on this polaroid thing, as i am on absolutely every factor of life, and you are probably sitting there thinking "aw what a dumb but charming girl" and then "huh, maybe i'll go check out those fake polaroids stashed somewhere on my computer that i made with that app over a year ago"

Thursday, June 23

a pear

so you know how i love pears if that isnt evident enough   just the shape and the color is always so lovely ANYWAY i found this pear from artist sarah maycock. i like it a lot (said in forest gump voice)

Monday, June 13

all i wanna do

is have some funnnn  just kidding, kinda. all i wanna do is paint! i have a lot of ideas for new projects and i'm so excited to do them, but finding time isn't easy. ohhhh to be one of those artists who live on the beach (california, the south of france, i'm not picky...) and paint from their terrace while drinking their morning coffee. #thedream

i got a bit of that while i was still home in philadelphia before coming back to new york the other week. my  back patio is small and surrounded by a weathered fence with full green trees and bushes and plants, so i decided to sit out there and paint for a couple hours.

acrylic on canvas (approx 11 x 15")

since i've been back in new york, my weekdays have been spent doing graphic design work for my school's student development and health offices, as well as a bit of interning for the artist David Foote. i went home this weekend to visit family and celebrate my friend's 22nd in philly.

i've also been busy getting my etsy shop up and running, as i mentioned in the last post, so head over there to see some fun new original pieces and lots of prints!

ps. saw bridesmaids: 1) loved it. 2) movie theaters are delusional with their ticket prices/portion sizes

Sunday, June 12


smart art/design used in a beneficial and informational way = good sh!t

the following short video is "A School of Visual Arts thesis project by artist Ron Gabriel, named "3-Way Street," tracks a camera at the Manhattan intersection of 28th Street and Park Avenue. The New York mayhem known as street traffic ensues." (via)

3-Way Street from ronconcocacola on Vimeo.

Sunday, June 5

shop till you drop pop flop mop aw stopppp

hey hey so i finally put some items in my etsy shop! right now i have 3 original pieces in there, and i hope to have prints available by the end of the week.

"Cuppa Joe" - acrylic on canvas

"Evening Dew" - ink on wood

"Afternoon Dew" - ink on wood

Saturday, June 4

vacation sketchbook

taking pictures of people doing their own thing on vacation is totally invasive and borderline creepy, so i drew them instead cause i'm polite like that

(^this literally happened. it was magnificent)

Thursday, June 2

back from vacaycay

:) / :(
i was home for a couple days, and then in the dominican republic for a week with mi madre. nothing like laying on a beach for a week to wash away 4 months of stress.

now i'm back in new york trying to figure out where all my money goes to. today i unpacked, cleaned, and nursed a hangover by watching the bourne supremacy. so gooood can't wait to see ultimatum. i love summer. i love netflix.

ps. saw the hangover 2. what's everyone whining about, i thought it was great