Monday, June 13

all i wanna do

is have some funnnn  just kidding, kinda. all i wanna do is paint! i have a lot of ideas for new projects and i'm so excited to do them, but finding time isn't easy. ohhhh to be one of those artists who live on the beach (california, the south of france, i'm not picky...) and paint from their terrace while drinking their morning coffee. #thedream

i got a bit of that while i was still home in philadelphia before coming back to new york the other week. my  back patio is small and surrounded by a weathered fence with full green trees and bushes and plants, so i decided to sit out there and paint for a couple hours.

acrylic on canvas (approx 11 x 15")

since i've been back in new york, my weekdays have been spent doing graphic design work for my school's student development and health offices, as well as a bit of interning for the artist David Foote. i went home this weekend to visit family and celebrate my friend's 22nd in philly.

i've also been busy getting my etsy shop up and running, as i mentioned in the last post, so head over there to see some fun new original pieces and lots of prints!

ps. saw bridesmaids: 1) loved it. 2) movie theaters are delusional with their ticket prices/portion sizes

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