Friday, June 24


i'm sick in the summer–because the universe is a bitch that way sometimes–so i'm entertaining myself by making [halt: note that i originally typed "my baking" instead of "by making" = my adult onset dyslexia (just made that up now) is getting more and more real and no one believes meeee!!] fake polaroids via poladroid

if art fails me i'm convinced i'll be okay because i make amazing sandwiches
and surely someone will pay me to make them a sandwich. right?

my stunning and talented photographer friend jess sokolowski in front of her senior thesis work at the parsons bfa photo show in may

my dog, auditioning for bay watch

final note: i know i know i'm probably super late to the game on this polaroid thing, as i am on absolutely every factor of life, and you are probably sitting there thinking "aw what a dumb but charming girl" and then "huh, maybe i'll go check out those fake polaroids stashed somewhere on my computer that i made with that app over a year ago"

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