Sunday, July 3

creeps and crafts

i've been rather crafty lately. ok this is actually a poor excuse for a craft so i shouldn't say that. i made an unintentionally super creepy girl to hang on our bathroom door (you keep boys out). well i have no doubt it will keep the boys far far away. 

the poor creep was done with my new neon acrylics (woo!) and microns (of course)

i also found some plain canvas tote bags i had bought over a year ago from Muji for a school project, and since my memory lasts as long as a tic tac i forgot about them. but now they've been decorated (with some lino-cut stamps i'd also made a while ago for school projects) and i'm thinking about putting them in the shop.

want one?


and this one i did with bright fabric paints:

been working on a lot of new things so i'll post more soon. happy fourth!! i'll be getting bitten alive by mosquitos and toasting to america with friends in brooklyn :) where will you be?

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