Tuesday, July 26

updated site, cold udon + other important things

so this past weekend when new york had a mini heat wave, i retreated to the school computer labs (the best a/c in town, besides the movie theater) and got a chance to completely redesign and update my website. check it out here.

other then that i've just been busy ordering "cold udon" (actually i only did it once....learned my lesson....spent 10 minutes standing over a sink scooping ice cubes out of my dinner...)

when cold udon wasn't cutting it, my friend and i made semi-homemade pizza. looks better than it tasted but whateva.. 2 points for trying.

when nyc isn't melting me into a puddle, i like to walk the highline. so many pretty flowers. and i really want to get someone else's opinion on this: there are some sections of the highline that contain really really foul-smelling plant life. i need to befriend a botonist and get to the bottom of this (that rhymes...kindof)

but when i'm not doing any of those things, me and my coworkers decorate my boss's desk

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