Monday, August 29

sunny monday keats

"You say you love; but with a smile
Cold as sunrise in September,
As you were Saint Cupid's nun,
And kept his weeks of Ember.
O love me truly!

You say you love - but then your lips
Coral tinted teach no blisses.
More than coral in the sea -
They never pout for kisses -
O love me truly!

O breathe a word or two of fire!
Smile, as if those words should burn be,
Squeeze as lovers should - O kiss
And in thy heart inurn me!
O love me truly!"

-John Keats

had a snow day today thanks to hurricane irene, so school starts tomorrow. i'm a nerd so i'm really excited. but i'll be going on my 4th year at parsons and my 5th year of college, so i have to say i'm a little weary. grateful for my program and that i'm still able to be in school instead of looking for a job in this shitake economy....but weary, nonetheless.

i have so many odd sized canvases around and no real agenda for them, so i figured i might try to both experiment and make things that will inspire me. here are 2 little wood blocks and a bigger canvas i painted and then squeezed onto the shelves in my room.

(the white writing reads "what if this painting were beautiful" over and over)

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