Friday, August 26

welcome back

i wasnt kidding about the last two weeks being crazy hectic. but they're over now, so welcome back to school kiddos, welcome new freshman, and welcome back to le blog, me. my body is aching and i barely have the energy to type this, but hurricane Irene prep is forcing me to leave the apt today for some non-perishable goodies (ie: water, crackers, nutella....?)

here are some pics from the last 2 weeks: 

for the first day of orientation, we planned an event for the incoming students and themed it "80's Highlighter Party" -- huge success and we looked damn good

here is the flyer i made for the event (click to view larger)

earlier in august, i went home to visit my grandmom and my newborn baby cousin, and here they are -- i love this pic, 96 years old and 1 day old :)

and below are also from that weekend home, at a cute restaurant called Caffette where my mom and i had dinner. i loved the interior

school starts monday and i have homework (-____-) that i haven' t started..................some things never change

two last things: 1) i said i wasnt going to watch this season of Jersey Shore since its in italy and that makes no sense....but i found out i need my weekly dose of the ridiculousness of other people's lives. i dont regret it. 2) i got to spearhead another orientation art project this year, this time it was a zine involving the entire freshman class. i can't show it to you yet but it came out awesome and i'm so excited :) :)

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