Monday, September 19

class of 2015 zine

remember this post about my summer job last year and how i helped coordinate an art project (that giant mural) for my school's incoming freshman students as part of New Student Orientation? well i did it again...but different, of course. i was a Student Orientation Coordinator again this past summer and once again helped coordinate the art project, among other things. this year we did a zine. all of the incoming freshman who attended their orientation sessions had the chance to draw or write something that they were looking forward to in new york or college or life in general. after sneaking into a closed computer lab to scan and compile it and then dealing with lottts of troubleshooting after that, it came out almost exactly as i envisioned it...which never happens.

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a lot of the pages were really fantastic. we have an impressive and interesting incoming class. 150 copies of the zine were printed an given out at the New School's annual block party on Sept 1st, but i'm pretty sure there are still some left in the OSDA office next to the student study center if you want to pick one up, or just to check out the pages. it was a very cool and fun job making this.

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