Wednesday, October 26


clearly, i love dogs. so when Camilla over at Studio Morran posted an open call for illustrations of her beyond adorable pup Morran, i was like hell yes.


this is my submission, done in acrylic and pen on this cool textured paper i found in my room. since i'm all for helping people find ways to procrastinate (cuz i'm so good at it and want to share my skillz) you should check out this flickr full of amazing photos of morran being awesome and cute as ever

Sunday, October 23

Wednesday, October 19


i got the idea for this illustration while i was having dinner in a rotating restaurant...not that it really has to do with anything, but it's an interesting side note.

digi men

lately i've found myself procrastinating by practicing digital drawing with my wacom tablet....i'm turning into the least fun person ever.

and if you're looking for ways to procrastinate, too, i'm here to help: go look, i updated my website

Saturday, October 8

life lately

according to my camera phone...

impromptu limo ride from my roommate's 21st birthday a couple weeks ago that took us to a restaurant that literally rotated 360 degrees while you ate dinner.....?!  one of my few social outings this semester and it was totally awesome. even though i practically fell asleep at the table. happy birthday nona :) 

other than that my life has just been paint:

this isn't even the half of it. i just don't document all my shit as much as i should. also, for one of my classes i have to redo my website, so i've been busy with that too, so don't look at it for another week or so. i command you. just kidding. but don't judge it at least for a little bit cuz its wayyyyy under construction!