Monday, November 28

Sunday, November 20

poem video 2

round 2
first one here

i left this untitled at first, bc i didn't think i was actually gonna include it in the folder on my computer labeled "poems"

but i ended up calling it "don't break my cyberheart" and putting it in the folder for shits and giggles

don't break my cyberheart

Thursday, November 17

treasure hunter

except i didn't have to hunt very hard for these treasures, they were sitting on my mom's bureau the last time i was home and i copped them (with her permission and a sworn oath that i would not harm them in any way shape or form and would return them to her safely, as she required)

they're amazing. i love the quality. exactly like memories. fuzzy in some parts and sharp in others.

(click any image to view it larger)

my granddad when he was a little boy
(clearly as unhappy about that haircut as you would expect):

the house i grew up in, where all my pets are buried in the back yard,
and where we moved from 2 summers ago:

when i was about 4 or 5:

yes, that badass, apple-muching, band-aid-wearing girl is little me. the boy eating the orange in the dead center is my brother. my mom said i used to hang around the team at half time during my brother’s soccer games to eat the snack provided for the's that

Sunday, November 13

sk8r grl

i painted a skateboard deck for one of my classes. all i want to do lately is draw legs and paint skin tones and draw fun doodle-tattoos and girls in underwear.....soooo thats exactly what i did

(click on the images to view them larger)

  initial idea sketches in sketchbook:

 some process pics:

detail shots:

done in acrylic and ink

i'll take some better photos after i coat it with clear varnish. once i find it.

Thursday, November 10

go away

some doodles from my sketchbook and my lit notebook

and lemme just have a mini thesis freak out real quick HFGKSUYDGFHS$%$%^#*GFGFJGFGF!!!!!!^%^! k done thx back2WORK!

Monday, November 7

introducing: poem videos

i'm making a ballsy move here (for me, anyway) and going to start posting some poem videos, in which i read a poem i've written. i'm not just about art, i'm very much about writing, too, and i love the way a poem sounds so different and can seem to infer such different meanings when heard aloud than when simply read silently in one's head. 

if nothing else, at least it's a fun way to procrastinate on my homework. and it will give you a chance to spy on my messy room.

"sleepy toothless pears"

love you love you like sleep love you like deep ocean salty air waves sandy faces love you like a freckle layer kissing winter skin love you like a snow storm like chapped lips burning on a coco mug love you like bear hugs like snail mail love you like a flashlight in a fort made of bed sheets in the kitchen love you love you like coffee in the morning love you like a saturday especially in the afternoon love you like midnight black and cool and new love you like ice cream and i mean the good kind love you like lightening splinters in an august sky love you love you pear shaped bruised but always sweet love you sleepy-eyed and tipsy morning breath and spitting red love you in the aftermath like toothless smiling sailors

Thursday, November 3


tallest bear on earth
i drew the picture above to send to the awesome site un monton de osos ("a lot of bears") which i found from my friend rachel. it is literally a collection of different created images of bears. lovely.

this one is just for fun because bears are cute