Monday, November 7

introducing: poem videos

i'm making a ballsy move here (for me, anyway) and going to start posting some poem videos, in which i read a poem i've written. i'm not just about art, i'm very much about writing, too, and i love the way a poem sounds so different and can seem to infer such different meanings when heard aloud than when simply read silently in one's head. 

if nothing else, at least it's a fun way to procrastinate on my homework. and it will give you a chance to spy on my messy room.

"sleepy toothless pears"

love you love you like sleep love you like deep ocean salty air waves sandy faces love you like a freckle layer kissing winter skin love you like a snow storm like chapped lips burning on a coco mug love you like bear hugs like snail mail love you like a flashlight in a fort made of bed sheets in the kitchen love you love you like coffee in the morning love you like a saturday especially in the afternoon love you like midnight black and cool and new love you like ice cream and i mean the good kind love you like lightening splinters in an august sky love you love you pear shaped bruised but always sweet love you sleepy-eyed and tipsy morning breath and spitting red love you in the aftermath like toothless smiling sailors

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