Thursday, November 17

treasure hunter

except i didn't have to hunt very hard for these treasures, they were sitting on my mom's bureau the last time i was home and i copped them (with her permission and a sworn oath that i would not harm them in any way shape or form and would return them to her safely, as she required)

they're amazing. i love the quality. exactly like memories. fuzzy in some parts and sharp in others.

(click any image to view it larger)

my granddad when he was a little boy
(clearly as unhappy about that haircut as you would expect):

the house i grew up in, where all my pets are buried in the back yard,
and where we moved from 2 summers ago:

when i was about 4 or 5:

yes, that badass, apple-muching, band-aid-wearing girl is little me. the boy eating the orange in the dead center is my brother. my mom said i used to hang around the team at half time during my brother’s soccer games to eat the snack provided for the's that

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