Sunday, December 4

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nooo, such bittersweet news. i finished my thesis book today, which is a huge relief, but i also found out that Morran, the adorable danish-swedish farmdog who is the star of Studio Morran, a blog by artist Camilla Engman, has passed away. i'm so sad! i'm a huge dog person and i've totally fallen in love with Morran through Camilla's documenting of their adventures. but i'm so grateful that Camilla had the wonderful idea of doing the "Book of Morran" project when she found out Morran was ill. (to find out more about Camilla, Morran, the book, and see some of the wonderful contributions, click here. to see my contribution, click here) hopefully knowing how many people cared about Morran will help Camilla cope with the loss of her pal.

above is another illustration i did inspired by Morran. (i actually included the initial painting of just the dog in the image above in one of the pages of my thesis, so it kind of makes the fact that my book is finished a little sweeter, knowing that morran's memory is in it.)

morran ♥ ♥ ♥
morran, image via camilla engman's flickr
all dogs most definitely go to heaven  <3

i'll post a bit more about my thesis project as soon as i can in the coming weeks. until then, hug and kiss and snuggle with your puppies! they'll always be your bff.

update 12/5: Camilla has finished the Morran Book! you can view the entire book here. you can also buy yourself or a friend a copy, absolutely all proceeds go to charity (i believe she chose the ASPCA, which helps animals!)

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