Monday, January 30

shoppe sneak peek

here's some proof that i wasn't yanking your chain before.
new hand-crafted / hand-illustrated goodies will be available soon through my etsy

here is a lil sneak peek of two of them, "Totes McGoats" and "Big Apple"

Sunday, January 29

a long night

in december i made a scroll drawing. the scroll was approx. 2ft by 20ft long, done in black india ink on cheap crappy paper. i didn't sketch anything out first, just went right into an imagined bar scene narrative. it was fun ~*

this guy...

Friday, January 20

poem video 4


Don't tell me you weren't happy for 
a reason to ditch that gray womb 
of your cubicle that Friday morning. 
You said you knew it was time 
but I think you were just saying 
that, 'cause I was two weeks early– 

–the last time I was early
for anything. It took thirty six hours before
they went in to get me, you said.
They sliced me out of that sauna of a womb
with cold metal, but you still said I did it on my time,
two o'clock on a Saturday afternoon.

I guess I just like that time of day – Remember our afternoon
walks down Main Street on Sundays, after the early 
mass? And don't think I'll forget all the times
it was still dark out when I'd wake for 
school, and you'd wake too, from the goose-down womb
of your comforter, because you couldn't sleep, you said

and I knew that wasn't true, but I said
nothing, because you poured better cereal. At night,
you'd wrap me restless in your nest, your womb
of limbs, and I’d lay there into the early
hours of a Monday morning, back before
I knew how to make myself fall asleep–a simpler time.

I had a habit of acting like you were wasting my time
and even I'm impressed with all the cruel words I could say.
You had a habit of loving me anyway, for
I was a part of you once, I guess that's why. You'd kiss me goodnight
on a Tuesday through my ice block walls, then I'd wake up early
to make you breakfast, a sorry attempt to fill your wounded womb

on Wednesday. Oh, to crawl back into your womb
where I can float the day away, kill time
the way we all did once, in our earliest
hours, inside the safe walls of our mother's body. I'd say
good morning with a gentle kick, and you'd whisper goodnight
with your hands on our walls. What did I leave for?

August will be here soon, and in the womb of a summer night
–the warm early hours of the second Thursday–I say we have a toast just
 for us, to twenty one years since that lazy afternoon when I took my time.

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Tuesday, January 17

lions, pears & other monumental things

this was the beautiful sky on the drive home to philly after my friend helped me move most of my stuff out of my apartment in nyc


and below are some before and after photos of my room at home, where i'll be living for the next few months to help take care of my mom, who is sick. since i have to take a leave of absence from school this semester, i turned half of my room into an art studio so i could keep working

my dog, Chachi, is very excited to have me home, and has shown it by licking my face every chance he gets and shedding white hair all over every square inch of the house. this was the last time he'd be let into my room, i just wanted him to check out my new digs. i got his lick of approval.

and this is the first thing i painted in my new "art studio" since finishing the semester, since moving home, since life did a drastic 180 degree flip.

it's a little drawing on scrap paper of lions in love

and it's the first of many new things to be created, because i can't just like..sit and mope about shit! everything is an opportunity if you let it be. that said, i'm going to be self-publishing the book i made for my senior thesis project. that's right, "Oops, Baby" (and other little books and zines) will soon be coming to a coffee table near you. they'll be available for purchase through my etsy shop. i'll keep ya updated :)

oh and i also plan on becoming an awesome chef in the next couple months (since i'm forced to learn how to cook, but have this compulsion to try and do it, like, Ace-of-Cakes level) so you've been forewarned: many tales of adventures in making yummy shit lie ahead. so far i only have stories of burnt sweet potato fries and rubbery salmon so i'll spare you

Tuesday, January 10

my finished thesis: "Oops, Baby!"

my illustration senior thesis project at Parsons is complete, and i couldn't be happier with it! i made a book titled Oops, Baby! in which i illustrated the stories of seven people who were the results of unplanned pregnancies. the result is an honest, thought-provoking, and humorous look at a common but seldom spoken of occurrence. i really reallllyyy loved every step of this project, and i can't want to make more books and art like this for the rest of my life.

below is a slideshow of some of the illustrations from the book.  see them bigger here.

happy 2012

jumping falling flying dancing
 "jumping falling flying dancing"

sinking ships

"sinking ships"

some recent paintings...the top is acrylic, the bottom is done in oil.

happy new year ~*~*