Tuesday, February 14

more treasures

i inherited other things from my mom besides a crooked smile and a love of george clooney. she also loves books, particularly illustrated books and poetry. i've been doing some cleaning and looking through her stuff (ha) and she has quite a collection of awesome books. i took borrowed a few gems for a bit...for safe keeping...

favorite moments:

*the way poetry looks on a page

 from Stanyan Street & Other Sorrows by Rod McKuen

*the way that used books can provide a few different stories all themselves, just by having multiple owners

 the inside cover of my mom's copy of Little Jeanne of France by Madeline Brandeis

**and this, the greatest treasure i've ever found. right in my living room. my favorite thing ever written, paired with illustrations so simple and beautiful they could make a grown man cry (or at least me, an emotional twenty-something gal)

from Desiderata; poem written by Max Ehrmann; accompanying illustrations by Emil Antonucci.
Brooke House and Crown Publishers, 1972