Sunday, March 25


some new items for sale in The Gibberooni Shoppe, yaaawl. in addition to the tote bags, i've put some postcards and mini prints up for sale!

and every Gibberooni Shoppe purchase comes with a sheet of stickers of my artwork: pretty bears and furry flowers. strike that, reverse it!

stickers and business cards for my etsy shop

good things: wine, poetry, art

the 22nd was my mom's birthday. i got her this beautiful burgundy wine goblet from Chischilly Pottery on etsy. I also made her this little painting of an oak tree, with the word "Chene" written under it, which is oak tree in french. she loves the french language, and one of her favorite poems is this one called "the oak tree" about how strong oaks are no matter what storms or battles they have to withstand.

we also took her to see the van Gogh exhibit that is going on right now at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. good old vinny is one of her favorite painters, and i'm super inspired by his work as well, so it was awesome all around. lots of work i'd never seen before. i think it runs until may 6, so if you get a chance, i def recommend it!

Thursday, March 22

process (gibberooni factory)

here are just a couple process photos of the lino-cut and stamp process that went in to making some of my tote bags. i'll spare you pics and stories of the gruesome day it took to carve "totes mcgoats" and the goat head stamp. you're welcome.

aaand my bedroom once again multi-tasking as a factory. it gets the job done. fo free!

if that last hour of work is lagging, i'm here to help pass the time! check out The Gibberooni Shoppe -- i promise not to tell your boss

Rauschenberg poetry

never called an asshole

Friday, March 16

grand opening: The Gibberooni Shoppe!

you're all invited to the grand opening of my etsy shop, The Gibberooni Shoppe going on RIGHT NOW!!!

lots more goodies to come in the next week or so :)

Thursday, March 1

sketchbook experiments

suri, willow, elle

i've been experimenting with combining acrylic paint with pencil lately, and loving the different kinds of texture i can get. but on these pages i decided to split them up. i wanted to illustrate these outfits on suri cruise, willow smith, and elle fanning that i saw in the march issue of Glamour mag. i went full acrylic for them, with no pencil or sketch or anything. and then the other doodle of the girl with the ginormous bow and a crown of flowers is done in all pencil.