Monday, April 30


i've got a couple of ongoing projects im working on right now, and here is the first completed one that i can show you. it's the final artwork for the next mixtape by musician Greg Falatek. he is a friend of mine from philly and his music gets better with each project he puts out...he's really  passionate about what he does and i'm excited for him and where he is gonna go.

the mixtape, titled "WAVY", will be out in 2012. follow Greg on twitter to keep updated on the release

Wednesday, April 25

pocket poems

found some old projects i worked on at my graphic design job at school last year...i loved this project for "international poem in your pocket day", which i hadn't heard of until then. basically some coworkers picked about 12 short poems or excerpts of longer poems that they wanted, and i designed and print them as bookmarks, which got handed out around school.

these were my favorites

*edit: HOLY CRAP. i didn't even know that today is in fact "Poem in Your Pocket Day." LIFE IS TOO WEIRD.

Monday, April 23

two great short videos

just discovered they make one of my favorite types of visual art: clever and well-crafted very short films that make you think and feel. here are two great examples from their site.

this one is about bullying,

and this one will cheer you up after the bullying one makes you sad and thoughtful.

Thursday, April 19

totes mcgoats tshirt = GOAT-TEE!

i've entered another competition over at Ohh Deer! this one would get my totes mcgoats design printed on t-shirts.....awesome right?!

if you would like to be a proud owner of a totes mcgoats tee, please help my chances of getting them produced with a little help from the facebook "like" button! click through the links below and "like" them, and hopefully i'll be able to report back to you shortly with good news and goat-tees (hahahahah i just came up with that right now....nailed it)

blue on white goat-tee // black on gray goat-tee

Friday, April 13


1. acrylic, pencil, on scrap of bristol paper
2. acrylic, pencil, on scrap of watercolor paper
3. acrylic, pencil, in moleskine*

*i keep going back to this. not sure if i'm done, will never be done, or it doesn't matter.

Monday, April 2

today i

looked out the window
to see what looked like

two people making out

but then i realized they were

some    argument with hand gestures and       deep breaths

they weren't making       out,    but
they were still      making      love
just in a different way