Tuesday, June 26

hand lettering

i recently had a sort of random odd job – repainting a sign for a local spa/salon. i just had to paint over the design that was already there with their new color scheme, but as the job progressed i had to troubleshoot a bit, and ended up having to freehand some of the letters myself. i've done this before (also unplanned + a result of last minute troubleshooting, but luckily turned out great) so i didn't mind.

for some reason i've only felt comfortable doing hand-lettering when it was in a large scale. so when this sign job was finished, i was way more confident in hand lettering and decided to tackle small-scale (totally backwards....i know).

^ a classy twist on "yolo" because why the H not

and ^ a little sneak peak of some new hand-lettered quotes that i think i'm going to make into prints soon. all this practice is good because i have a couple of logo and custom invitation jobs coming up, which i can't wait for ;)

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