Friday, September 28

Think Coffee art exhibit

select work from my exhibition at Think Coffee

select work from my exhibition at Think Coffee

I produced about 20 or so new works for the exhibition. the work is on the walls now and will remain there until the end of October. stop by and check it out– 8th ave and 14th st in the west village

if interested in purchasing one of the works or would just like to know more, shoot me an email at (include the number of the work if you can, or the title or a description of it will work fine too)

many thanks to Think Coffee for this opportunity. the opening reception (on fri 9/21) went really well – got to catch up with good friends over wine and kinda night

also my bff got me sunflowers ;D

Wednesday, September 26

morning dance

this is another attempt at holding myself accountable for something, since lately i've been sucking at that


^ this will now be a thing

*update: no it won't it was really stupid and i'm impulsive.

Morning Dance

I wake the unpolished hardwood
with rough steps–It mimics me
with yawns, creaks, and coughs

Coffee drains into a mug
like heavy tears before sleep
There is an egg break, slip,
and sizzle–then the rousing sound
of toast shoulders
as they pop up like an excited child
I grab its hot limbs to hush it,
and grimace

The refrigerator–humming
a monotonous, somber tune–
brings refuge to my burned hands

and like this–alone in the ochre dawn,
we grunt through a familiar waltz
waking our pocket of New York

Sunday, September 16

air n water

when i'm not freaking out over all the beautiful sunlight i get in this apartment, i'm working on paintings for Think

Friday, September 7

i'm back

in new york yo ~*

but first i went with my favorite people to the Made in America Festival on the Ben Franklin Parkway in Philly last weekend/labor day weekend. such a good time! a great way to end the summer

while we tailgated on the first day my friend Meg handed me some eyeliner and asked me to "draw a little star" on her "cheek or something" and gave me free reign to do whatever, so i went to town and drew a huge star on her arm 

oh yeah and .....

hooooly eeeshk!
i'm so excited to be extremely busy the next 2 weeks
i hope you can come out for a bit that night if you're in nyc!