Wednesday, September 26

morning dance

this is another attempt at holding myself accountable for something, since lately i've been sucking at that


^ this will now be a thing

*update: no it won't it was really stupid and i'm impulsive.

Morning Dance

I wake the unpolished hardwood
with rough steps–It mimics me
with yawns, creaks, and coughs

Coffee drains into a mug
like heavy tears before sleep
There is an egg break, slip,
and sizzle–then the rousing sound
of toast shoulders
as they pop up like an excited child
I grab its hot limbs to hush it,
and grimace

The refrigerator–humming
a monotonous, somber tune–
brings refuge to my burned hands

and like this–alone in the ochre dawn,
we grunt through a familiar waltz
waking our pocket of New York

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