Wednesday, October 17

Written Wednesday: Tiny Crimes revisited

i want to skip written wednesday this week.

but i don't want to be a quitter.

so here's my homework for one of my classes. we learned about toy theaters...but of course i missed that class and didn't know what it was so i made this terrible, terrible, laughably terrible little video for which i drew the characters with crayons and cut them out with scissors 15 minutes before class and scotch taped them to plastic forks and knives. i filmed it on my macbook's photo booth (hence the backwards "ABC" and "let's read!") and spliced it in iMovie to the soundtrack of one of my poem videos

why am i telling you my secrets?!

never the less, i love any chance to experiment with different ways of combining images and stories. i never consider a project (even the occasional super-last-minute and half-assed ones) to be futile. i treat everything as a sketch at least, like a blue print for the next idea

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