Wednesday, October 10

john wayne? turtles?

Turtle Locket

Hanging around water’s edge, just
below my breasts, is a miniature
bronze turtle locket, chomping
on a copper penny chain

The turtle has two halves–
holding the shell to the body
is a single magnet, weak but earnest,
luring the shell to Stay, please

Some nights–bloodbuzzed
and spinning, when tangerine sweaters
are peeled and thrown, sent to hang
like shells over wooden chair backs–
the turtle locket unfastens–becoming
two hollow acrobats
with a small hinge for honest hands–

It is hours before I notice
to close it up again

I’m always asked why I keep
nothing inside–
A matter, I say, of a fragile lock

Truths come in halves–
How nice it feels to be empty
of important things–baring, for hours,
the most sheltered core of you

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